A recent survey has revealed the average money spent on an engagement ring.

1,500 guys aged 18 and over from across the UK took part in the survey, which revealed that the traditional 'three-month salary rule' no longer stands, with the average person just spending 1.7 months' salary on an engagament ring.

The survey also found that more than one in three people admitted to spending £250 or less on their engagement ring.....

Despite one in five couples getting engaged within a year, the average couple gets engaged after three years together.

Since 2010, the cost of an engagement ring has averaged £2,014.75, with the most generous proposers located in the East Midlands, with the average price being £2,451.92.

The survey found that the average cost of an engagement ring by region, with the East Midlands averaging the most at £2,451.92, followed by London, who averaged £50 less and then the West Midlands on £2,283.48.

A new trend over the past ten years is the use of 'placeholder rings'. Before the year 2000, only 1% of proposals involved a placeholder ring, but since then, this has increased to 7%.

It is interesting to see how proposals are moving with the times, with traditional values on the decline, and new trends taking their place.

It is apparent that those guys who are proposing would rather get the engagement ring right first time - either by asking for their partners' help when choosing the ring, or by using a placeholder ring at the time of proposal, so as they can choose the real thing together.

With the average engagement ring price now at more than £2,000, and more time being spent on the proposal, it is clear that Brits are still invested in the engagement journey.....